Why Music?

Feedback’s methodology emphasizes the HumanFilter and as such, we have human impulses – such as a deep love of music. From guitar players to songwriters to concert goers, Feedback has from the start been a company that enjoys music. A dashboard can’t dance and it sure as heck can’t keep a groove, but those of us in Feedback’s family have been known to.
But there’s more to it than that: the philosophy behind music’s power and creativity is something we absolutely appreciate and can see reflected in how we produce our insights and strategy. The great hook that catchily sticks in your head isn’t unlike the insight we find from the repetition of behavior; the killer solo is not unlike the strategic idea that spins out of the insights. Music can be a fun, descriptive, powerful, creative way to express yourself no matter which side of the stage you’re on – and we understand and appreciate that.
Hey, we’re only human.