3 Emerging Consumer Personas Outdoor Brands Should Listen To

April 6, 2020, by , in Blog, no comments

Our current crisis provides unique opportunities and challenges for brands of the great outdoors

Outdoor Industry audience personas are changing quickly and marketing strategies have to adapt. We’ve prepared an exercise to help brands look at how they can/should pivot, even slightly, to look at their customers and their nuanced phases in a new light during all of this – and how social listening and digital ethnography can provide actionable insights. How could outdoor industry brands, from bottles to binoculars, listen and discover new messaging angles?

The Solo Hiker:

  • How anxiety and sheltering in place is changing activity 
  • How product delivery changes the shopping experience 
  • How they plan activity differently; proximity trips
  • Attitude towards brands 

The Family:

  • How anxiety and sheltering in place is changing activity 
  • How fitness and watching activity is being discussed
  • How group activity has changed; how products can help in the yard, neighborhood, non-hiking locations

The Semi-Pro / Hardcore:

  • Attitudes towards brands
  • Planning for post-crisis
  • Staying in a specific kind of shape
  • New influencers

…And of course, how best to message to, connect with, and activate these audiences. All underscored by the fact that right now they will be the most active than they’ve ever been online. So much behavior we can use to our advantage for actionable insights!

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– Dean Browell, PhD


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