3 New Consumer Personas Retailers Should Listen To

April 1, 2020, by , in Blog, no comments

Our current crisis provides unique challenges for brands that rely on physical retail

For retailers, online presence and ecommerce sales are more important than ever, which means understanding audiences and listening to the voice of the customer are too. This is especially important for brands that are / were massive brick and mortar brands with a smaller, bespoke online presence that are having to learn these important elements right now in a crisis!

The following exercise is recommended to re-divide a brand or company’s audiences into three new personas, regardless of what the previous realities were, and pursue what questions, if answered, would help inform a pivot to new and retained sales. Throw away your previous segmentation and re-find them in real time as you refine your understanding of their realities:

In-Person Retail Customer

  • How anxiety and sheltering in place is changing retail choices at home
  • How those who do not normally shop online for clothes are adapting; walking them through it
  • Economic issue impact on existing loyal customers

Existing Online Customer

  • Understanding their current universe, choices, and attitudes
  • How do they feel about usual competitors and new competitors
  • Feelings and attitudes toward online shopping and potential new competitor / buying experience comparisons

Potential New Customer

  • Aiming for an entire new set of customers (may be different per brand); aiming for mindset of those telecommuting
  • How various segments of products can pivot to new audiences (includes new audience segments, demographics, different set of influencers, etc.)
  • Fashion in this time of no-fashion

…And of course, how to message to and drive action from these audiences. All underscored by the fact that right now they will be the most active that they’ve ever been online. It is THE time to listen to the voice of the customer – and possibly your new customer.

– Dean Browell, PhD


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