In 2009, the founders of Feedback introduced a smarter way to leverage ethnographic research for greater results. This unique HumanFilterSM system – a proprietary process used to uncover online conversations of all types, which are then analyzed by social scientists for the development of superior marketing programs – has since become the standard for many of the world’s leading brands.

Originally founded in Richmond, Virginia, Feedback rapidly expanded to support
its international clients – establishing offices in London, Paris and New York, and more recently Austin and San Diego. To date, Feedback has conducted its unique style of research in over 50 countries, and the firm offers its services in all major languages. Rather than using U.S.-based translators and technologies, Feedback partners with local researchers in the countries where the HumanFilter insights are being gathered – leading to a far better understanding of individual cultures, customs, audiences and the real vocabularies used to discuss products, trends and brands.