CamelBak and Feedback

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A round of applause for: CamelBak!



2019 marks the tenth anniversary of Feedback and to celebrate we will be sharing memories from the last ten years. From multiple-cross-country trips to multi-country ones, from Keyboard Cat to Bonnaroo, and from three determined founders to a family of friends and colleagues all over… we’ve been incredibly lucky to have had such an amazing first ten years!


When we helped CamelBak surpass 1 million social media followers, we joined the team in Petaluma California to celebrate, and presented them with a custom plaque to signify reaching such an exciting milestone!


One of my favorite memories was doing a video shoot with the amazing Top Chef contestant Sam Talbot. We were promoting a new CamelBak product and he used it as he cooked several delicious recipes, which we got to try! Such a fun day.


I have loved working with CamelBak since 2010. It’s so rewarding to help the best and most innovative hydration retailers stay innovative and successful in the social media realm. Their products, team, culture, and mission make them the absolute best!

– Anna Faux

The “One Million Social Fans Engaged” platinum record presented to CamelBak by Feedback (click to enlarge)

What’s not to like about this client? Great products, cool culture, wonderful people and a mission to get rid of landfills throughout the US. I’ve enjoyed working with CamelBak for nine years, and it’s been great watching them grow in the digital and social space, outperforming their much larger peers in the outdoor space. Proud for Feedback to have been a part of that growth!

– Jeff Thompson

Behind-the-scenes shot of Sam Talbot

Working with CamelBak has been really incredible over the years. Not only are they a great brand with so much heart, we’ve been able to watch them innovate for AND celebrate their audiences. I also think they have an amazing conservation and hydration message that’s increasingly important to hear.

– Dean Browell



Continue to watch this space as we celebrate all year long!