Meet Spark451, Feedback’s Newest Strategic Partner

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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Spark451 Inc. to bring a new layer of insights to supercharge Higher Education marketing! From Spark451’s announcement: Jeff… Read more →

Time to Insight

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I want to talk about “time to insight” as a concept in operationalizing market research. First off, I love this as a conceptual focus… Read more →

Themes in Pandemic Insights

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Continuing to share insights from our work using social listening in healthcare during the pandemic, some developments from the last couple of weeks worth… Read more →

What Gen X Can Teach Us About COVID & the Holidays

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Over at the SPM Communications blog, Feedback’s Dean Browell remarks with his Don’t You Forget About Gen X: One Generation’s Crucial Role in Healthcare… Read more →

The TikTok Healthcare Employee Scare

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Social listening – real, behavioral social listening – is so important right now in healthcare with so many fragile fronts. Take this example, which… Read more →