Listening During COVID-19: How Digital Ethnography Can Illuminate Audience Attitudes and Differences In Difficult Times

March 17, 2020, by , in Blog, News, no comments

Timely Research Options on Public Perception of Brand, Facility, Competitors, and More During the Coronavirus Outbreak As you manage responses and organize the ongoing… Read more →

The Fear of Missing Instagram Likes and You

November 19, 2019, by , in Blog, no comments

Haven’t you heard? Instagram is experimenting with hiding the Likes of posts. Depending on who you listen to, it either means the sky is… Read more →

Feedback 101: How to choose the right research method

March 9, 2020, by , in Blog, no comments

Choosing the right research method can be tricky as no two research methods produce exactly the same type of results. For example, focus groups… Read more →

Feedback 101: What is Qualitative Research?

To put it bluntly, qualitative research is research that yields data not based on numbers. Qualitative research values rich descriptions and inputs from both… Read more →

Feedback 101: What are the benefits of Digital Ethnography?

Digital ethnography allows you to understand two crucial perspectives: The insights from the sentiment expressed by so many of your audiences online The perspective… Read more →

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