Celebrating 10 Years of Feedback

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2019 marks the tenth anniversary of Feedback, and to celebrate we will be sharing great memories from the last ten years. From multiple-cross-country trips to international adventures, from Keyboard Cat to Bonnaroo, and from three determined founders to a family of friends and colleagues all over… we’ve been incredibly blessed to have had such an amazing first ten years! Watch this space as we celebrate all year long!

To kick us off, let’s revisit the gift we sent out to all clients as a part of a gift basket at the end of our first year: a special mix CD of songs we enjoyed with clients, on the way to clients, bands we saw with clients, and more! The liner notes from that gift are below and you can listen to the mix on Spotify and Apple Music.



Feedback CD 2009 / 2010

Front Cover:

<F 2009/2010  The music behind the company.

Inside Jewel Case:

What better way to celebrate this year with friends, than with the gift of music? Most of you know what a big role music plays at Feedback, so here are a handful of tunes that helped our small company get off the ground and grow in 2009/2010. We hope you enjoy these sounds, and we invite you to stay tuned for much more in 2011.


Liner Notes:

La La Love You – Pixies

“One of the only truly sweet songs of the Pixies, it’s a great opener here because it signals enthusiasm and what great music with the right combination of people can make.” – Dean

Crazy Pritty Baby –
Heavy Trash

“What a hoot to see Jon Spencer and the rest of the band tear it up at Northside Tavern in Cincy. Great night with friends, on the front end of a very good road trip through the Midwest.” – Jeff

One More Day –
Richie Havens

“It was an honor to finally see Richie live, not to mention meeting him afterwards.” – Dean

Don’t You Evah –

“Spoon is just all good: super energy, tight chops, minimalist approach, cool hooks. Plus they’re from Austin…” – Jeff

Over The Hillside –
Blue Nile
“The Porsche Chasing Music. Blue Nile has been a favorite for many years, and is the backdrop for many great Feedback moments.” – Jeff

Proudest Monkey (Live) –
Dave Matthews Band

“We have a poster from their Fenway Park concert in our office. DMB is one of my favorite bands and one that always puts on a great live show.” –Anna

Yellow – Coldplay

“This song was on the radio after we had a really tremendous day and evening with clients and friends. We’re sailing through a great American city and I’m filming a tunnel and this song came on. Perfect.” – Dean

On Call – Kings of Leon
“Katie Rae’s favorite music from the Aviary days. This song reminds me of the end of one great journey and the beginning of another.” – Anna


Ruby and Carlos (Live) –James McMurtry

“Caught McMurtry at Rhythm & Brews in Chattanooga, an unusually shaped venue where we’ve seen some great shows. Thanks Doug and Grant for a cool evening.” – Dean


So Lonely – Police

“This is one of my favorite songs of all time and on my short list whenever I need any change in mood. I’ve been playing this in preparation for or in reaction to great moments in my life for decades.” – Dean


Right Hand on My Heart –The Whigs

“If there’s another band that deserves more attention for their scrappiness and pummeling talent, I don’t want to hear them.” – Dean


Best Feeling – Keller Williams

“When it comes to Feedback, this title says it all!” – Anna


Nothing But Heartache –Toni Price

“Straight from her halcyon days at the Continental Club in Austin. Toni’s cool blues were instrumental to the successful make-over of the new Feedback offices.” – Jeff


The Distance – Cake

“I once listened to this song before careening down a six-floor public parking garage exit ramp on a Big Wheel. I was thirty.” – Dean


40’s Theme (Live) – Umphrey’s McGee

“Saw Umphrey’s last show of the tour during my first few months at Feedback. They have a real passion for what they do and I can appreciate that.” – Anna


National Anthem of Nowhere – Apostle of Hustle

“Thank you to Chereen for introducing me to this band, now a key ingredient in the Feedback soundscape. Looking forward to seeing them live sometime soon.” – Jeff


Where is my Mind? (Live)–  Pixies

“What you’re listening to here is the actual Washington, DC performance I was at, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Pixies’ seminal album, Doolittle. They burned a double-CD of the show ten minutes after it was over. An epic, stirring song that appropriately captures how sweeping the future looks for our company. ” – Dean



Liner Notes:

I and Love and You – Avett Brothers

“Aside from one of the most deftly written lyrics in this year’s album crop, Avett’s hold a nice place in the pantheon of Feedback bands that bring good vibes and upbeat music.” – Dean


A Day in the Life (live) – Jeff Beck

“Jeff Beck won a Grammy for his version of this song, and it’s well-deserved. We were up close when he performed it live at Bonnaroo – one of the best shows of the year, with Feedback friends and family there to enjoy it.” – Jeff


Tighten Up – Black Keys
“It’s amazing that much sound can come from only two people. Seen live in concert by many Feedbackers, The Black Keys are a Feedback favorite.” – Anna


I Can Change (live) – LCD Sound System

“A Bonnaroo favorite. Their funky beats get people dancing, and this year at Bonnaroo, one undressed man danced his way onto the stage. As James Murphy commented, ‘For those of you who can’t see what’s going on here on-stage, it just got weird.’ ” – Anna


Music City – Bare Jr.
“This song was played about a zillion times in a rental car while zipping around client meetings and music-lover’s landmarks in Nashville, TN.” – Dean


Secret Meeting (live) –The National
“We saw these guys give killer shows at The National and Bonnaroo, but the best one was flying back from Paris with Anna to catch them in Madison, WI with Dean and our friends from CPM.” – Jeff


Whip It! – DEVO
“What a hoot. Old guys in uniforms, playing New Wave fresh from the 80’s at The National! Great show with our friends from Access.” – Jeff


Sigh No More – Mumford & Sons

“We were going to see Mumford & Sons all the way in Paris, but the tickets sold out way too fast. Mumford & Sons has been a Feedback favorite since around the time Feedback began, and even though we couldn’t see them live while overseas, we listened to their CD throughout our entire trip.” – Anna


Rest My Chemistry – Interpol

“You can’t beat the somber but throbbing sounds of Interpol, and you certainly can’t beat them live, in an inadvertent midnight show among Feedback friends during a terrifically fun summer.” – Dean


I Am For Real – The Whigs
“Dean introduced us to these energetic guys at Virginia Beach, and they’ve just gotten better each time we see them.” – Jeff


Out Go The Lights – Spoon

“We were lucky to see Spoon twice, as headliners and as a support – and each time they proved why we love them and while they’ll always be a mainstay in the Feedback offices.” – Dean


Hit ‘Em Up Style – Carolina Chocolate Drops

“The Chocolate Drops are a hard band to describe (African American banjo experts who can play bluegrass, Celtic & hip hop tunes) but easy to love. Especially in the atmospheres of Bonnaroo or late night gaming sessions.” – Dean


I Cut Like a Buffalo – The Dead Weather
“We love Jack White. Live, his record label, all his bands. Add a female vocalist and a somehow-even-more-raw sound? Sign us up.” – Dean


Still Be There – The Entrance Band

“Possibly the best new band at Bonnaroo, with Paz Lechantin jumping all over stage on bass. Great sound, hope to see them again soon.” – Jeff


Burial – Miike Snow

“Funky beats, opera-style masks, bright lights. This song represents the beginning of Bonnaroo to me. Miike Snow was one of the first bands we saw at the festival, and we’ve been listening to them ever since.” – Anna


Soldier On – Temper Trap
“Since Bonnaroo, this music has put smiles on our faces as we continue to travel, and it just gets better with each listen.” – Jeff

The Fixer – Pearl Jam
“Their posters adorn our walls and their music can light fires. One of the many bands 2010 brought us live, and certainly not the last time we’ll venture to see them.” – Dean


Sprawl II – The Arcade Fire
“Amazing show in Philly with Dean. Spoon opened for them, and Arcade Fire just knocked it out of the park repeatedly.” – Jeff


Kids With Guns – Gorillaz

“Walk into the hall at Feedback headquarters and you will see Gorillaz posters adorning the walls. We each have a favorite character, and we got to see them all on a stage-sized screen at a Gorillaz concert. Amazing live music synchronized with flashy videos makes for a truly unique music experience.” – Anna

Thank you.

There are so many people who helped Feedback in 2009 and 2010, and we couldn’t have done it without you all!

Stay tuned to more memories as we celebrate ten years!