Corrigan Consulting and Feedback

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A round of applause for: Corrigan Consulting!



2019 marks the tenth anniversary of Feedback and to celebrate we will be sharing memories from the last ten years. From multiple-cross-country trips to multi-country ones, from Keyboard Cat to Bonnaroo, and from three determined founders to a family of friends and colleagues all over… we’ve been incredibly lucky to have had such an amazing first ten years!



“From our first meeting in Williamsburg, I knew that Corrigan and Feedback would do great things together. It has been a wonderful ride ever since, finding ways to support each other’s organizations at events like SHSMD and many more. It really is fun to work with brilliant strategists, and Corrigan has set a high standard in that space.”

– Jeff Thompson


“To say we’ve done more work with Corrigan Consulting than any other consultant or agency doesn’t really describe it. When I look back at just how many hospitals and hospital systems we’ve helped to serve their populations better, how many executives we’ve been able to educate and help think differently about the people they serve and communicate more effectively, and how many different parts of the country we were able to uncover startling and unique behaviors and craft new approaches to reach them, it’s pretty humbling. The team at Corrigan all absolutely value the voice of the patient audience and they have done some incredible things with our research with their clients. I’m very thankful they saw a spark in us early and that we continue to work together.”

– Dean Browell



”We’ve learned so much about healthcare over the past 10 years due in large part to our work with countless companies through Corrigan. It’s been an honor, and such an insightful experience to research different communities throughout the country and help marketing teams develop actionable strategies to improve how people seek and experience medical care.”

– Brittany Heare



Continue to watch this space as we celebrate all year long!