COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Trends & Predictions

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Hitting some top lines of consumer behavior and near-term predictions

Given the projects we’ve been working on across the country, we wanted to share some top trends in consumer behavior and near-term predictions:

Not So Fast

Willing a reopen hasn’t necessarily brought back confidence. An incredibly suspicious public has now become default cautious. What was once, “well, not my state” has become, “we could become those other states at any time.” Many want to see demonstrations of safety and hear from experts – not just lip service. Companies need to focus on convincing prior to in-person – that decision is often being made at home.


While some are feeling more adventurous, many are looking for ways to break up monotony and enjoy the summer while keeping risk down. Don’t let up on that content you started early on, just slow it and vary it. In fact, much of that initial content may find new life being recycled and repackaged. Not everyone was – or will be – in the same phase of reopening or anxiety at once; being fluid will be key.

Calculator Watch

The bottom line is: absent of local, region, state, and federal leadership, people are making their own calculations.

Healthcare AND Higher Ed: School Squeeze Play

We’re seeing Academic Medical Centers receiving increased chatter as they are tangentially tied to their school halves and reopening discussion. Suddenly that two-way brand association is shaking things up as the public scrutinizes back-to-school plans. Likewise, institutions with hospitals have a special opportunity to show how the brand’s efforts for safety extend to everything it touches… OR create a special problem for one or both brand entities if they are not lined up or experiencing pressure on one side or the other (or both).

– Dean Browell, PhD


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