Dent: Blend Richmond year four is in the books

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Even in an unusual year, Blend continues to surprise and delight!

Yes, going virtual was weird. But instead of groaning and bemoaning, we decided to tackle it head on and wrestle some fun and informative experiences – oh, and we happened to do it in front of more people, from more places all over the country, for the first time ever.

Special thanks to our incredible speakers and featured folks from around the East Coast:

  • Laura Thomas, Founder of Effective to Great Education – Social Emotional Learning through mindfulness
  • Jeff House, Vice President of Consumer Insights at Atrium Health – Transformational leadership
  • Sue Kindred, Founder of SK Consulting – A Case Study: Intentionally blowing up and rebuilding your nonprofit
  • David Waltenbaugh, Founder and CEO of RootVR – Using VR for mental health in children and adults

Attendees not only got to experience our event’s brand of visionary leadership talks on mental health, marketing and communications, rewriting the rules for nonprofits to better serve, and how VR can do more than be cool for those in need and create historical monuments… BUT they were also given an exclusive sneak peek at the Hidden In Plain Site project’s beta release, a cool new promo from our friends at The Poe Museum, and even Jason Alley’s pimento cheese recipe.

Look, every year is different. This one I just happened to NOT be setting up 50 chairs, stressing about Lyft codes to dinner, or ensuring the beer tasting and VR areas had enough space. Of course I miss all the in-person friend times into the wee hours, noshing on great food and drink. But I’m humbled to be able to still give us all a little bit of Blend at all – and give that appetizer to even more people from more places. Any little light in these weird times is a win, as far as I’m concerned. Big thanks to all of the featured folks in front and behind the screens who made this happen! Excited already for what next year can bring, in whatever format!

– Dean Browell, PhD

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