Drake Cooper and Feedback

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A round of applause for: Drake Cooper!

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of Feedback and to celebrate we will be sharing memories from the last ten years. From multiple-cross-country trips to multi-country ones, from Keyboard Cat to Bonnaroo, and from three determined founders to a family of friends and colleagues all over… we’ve been incredibly lucky to have had such an amazing first ten years!

“The work we’ve done with Drake Cooper has been some of the most rewarding I’ve been a part of in our company’s history. Not only has the subject matter been intelligently and creatively approached, the Drake Cooper gang has been a joy to work with. They really, ‘get’ our approach and our strengths and we have spent time to ensure we’re in synch, so our output is as helpful to them as possible.”

– Dean Browell


“Great to work with Drake Cooper and their clients in the Northwest. Super smart folks who appreciate what good research can do in the market, and every project we do helps some group in need – whether it’s for veterans, or teachers, or Idaho students going to college from rural areas. It really has been a joy to work with their team of professionals in Boise and Seattle.”

– Jeff Thompson


“I’ve truly enjoyed the various projects we have worked with Drake Cooper on over the years. To echo Dean’s thoughts, they are truly some of the most rewarding and eye-opening projects I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. Working with their team always ends up being a wonderful collaboration of ideas and insights to address client questions in a thoughtful way.”

– Brittany Heare


” Year after year, Feedback’s collaboration with Drake Cooper drives authentic, high-quality results for JK Albertson. It’s a good reminder that “teamwork makes the dream work.”
– Anna Faux


Meet Drake Cooper and the creative and strategic team behind an extraordinary outreach to teens in Idaho at Dent:Blend Richmond on September 20th, 2019 – limited tickets still available!



Continue to watch this space as we celebrate all year long!

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