Feedback 101: What are the benefits of Digital Ethnography?

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Digital ethnography allows you to understand two crucial perspectives:

  • The insights from the sentiment expressed by so many of your audiences online
  • The perspective of those who will look for answers, and what they will find

That latter audience is important. If we find incorrect information or an over-emphasis on a particular concept or audience, we may reveal how those with questions could have their opinions skewed. In this era of peer opinion, perspective, and recommendations, it’s incredibly important to understand what is actually being said and occurring.

Listening to your audience is key! It is incredibly important that you seek out and determine what your target audiences are saying online. While reams of market research may have told you about them, it’s likely you do not know how or what they are saying, unprompted, in the social space; Note where these audiences speak, how they speak and to whom.

Digital ethnography can:

  • Provide deep insight into how your target audiences (B2C or B2B) feel about you, your products or services, and/or your competitors
  • Illuminate differences between audiences
  • Validate existing personas and help create new ones, or correct old assumptions
  • Showcase differences between geographic areas
  • Help hone and target messaging
  • …and more!

Our clients have used Digital Ethnography to build brands, increase sales, identify new audiences, research their competitors, test campaigns and much more. To find out how you can use this type of research in your company, schedule a free consult, by clicking the button below.

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