Feedback Featured on Blog on COVID-19 Patient Behavior and Virtual Tours

July 9, 2020, by , in Blog, News, no comments

Feedback’s Dean Browell is featured in a blog by our friends at White Rhino discussing patient behaviors, COVID-19 safety, and virtual tours.

An excerpt from the blog: “Patients get a behind the scenes look at COVID safety protocols“:

Especially with such a complex and emotional topic, sometimes telling patients what you’re doing is not nearly as powerful as showing them. Patients want a look inside before they make a decision to step in.

“Across several states we are seeing a public who are making very specific decisions about the activities they feel safe performing,” continued Dean, “and being a part of and the decision to delay or postpone treatment and procedures is a part of that.”

Virtual Tours have proven effective at keeping patients engaged much longer than a traditional web page – allowing more time for your message to sink in. And in these unsure times, that can be priceless. “Taking the time to make sure patients feel comfortable and confident is key in this period of high anxiety,” explains Dean.

Read more at White Rhino’s blog here: