How is COVID-19 Impacting Food Purchasing Behaviors?

May 26, 2020, by , in Blog, no comments

Our current crisis provides unique challenges for Grocery and CPG brands

Grocery shopping and food purchasing habits are significantly changing due to the pandemic. What will the short-term and long-term effects be? How should brands pivot? Let’s consider what we can learn about consumer behavior through advanced digital ethnography:

Families/ Shopping:

– How anxiety and sheltering in place is changing food choice at home

– How grocery pickup/delivery changes the shopping experience: end caps don’t matter

– Attitudes towards brands


Store Relationships:

– Attitude towards store reliability and safety

– The voice of the internal grocery employee working in delivery or pickup

– How stocking choices are changing along with substitutions


Families / Cooking:

– Attitudes towards brands for cooking

– Shelf life comments

– What other ingredients and brands are being mentioned in conjunction or comparison?

– New influencers, particularly from pivoting regional restaurant spaces


…And of course, how to message to and drive action from these audiences. All underscored by the fact that right now they will be the most active that they’ve ever been online. So much behavior we can use to our advantage for insights!

– Dean Browell, PhD

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