How is COVID-19 Impacting Packaging Habits?

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Our current crisis provides unique challenges for packaging brands and those that rely on them

How could packaging pivot during and after the pandemic? Let’s consider what we can learn about consumer habits during this unusual time through social listening and digital ethnography:

The Opening
Package opening processes: How are habits in opening mail and packages changing, and how does this impact consumers’ buying decisions?
Changing package preferences: Porous vs non-porous materials, heavier non-crush containers, etc.
Detail frustrations (opening, virus-surfaces, plastic wrap, etc.)

Who Is Talking Packaging
Demographic and psychographic trends (who is talking, who asks – who answers, what channels)
What information and misinformation affects their perceptions, and how deeply?
How all of this changes their decision-making, and potential purchase path choices

The Trends
How are preferences changing and opportunities are arising
Do they see packaging reflect on the seller or manufacturer?
Likely long-lasting behavioral trend, based on changes they’re making currently

…And of course, how to message to found nuances in audiences. All underscored by the fact that right now they will be the most active that they’ve ever been online. So much behavior we can use to our advantage for actionable insights!

– Dean Browell, PhD

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