Interview with Feedback on the Future of Healthcare Marketing

January 24, 2019, by , in Blog, News, no comments

Our dear friends at Access Advertising & Public Relations interviewed Feedback Principal Dean Browell on Healthcare Marketing Trends as a part of their inaugural “Take 3” interview series. Subjects include: consumerism in healthcare, value-based care, population health, and the biggest challenge for healthcare companies and marketing in 2019.

…marketing has to be the one that comes to the table with an awareness, a willingness to listen, and appreciation for both the healthcare company and their audiences. And part of that awareness of the consumer needs to come from outside of healthcare so you can understand their entire lives and where healthcare fits in. The empowered consumer is here to stay and healthcare companies need partners that know how to navigate that fog, not pretend it isn’t there. For some reason, this approach is rare in our industry; only some partners get it.

Read the full interview here and watch that space for more Take 3 conversations!