Key Consumer Insights for Reopening

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Research identifies important reopening topic

Note: This post was originally written in early May of 2020 and instantly became prescient for the road ahead. We revisit it here to show the implications of listening to your audiences carefully.

Our audiences (internal and external) are in flux but they are acutely aware that we are too. The consumer behavior we’re seeing in light of the various “reopenings” around the country identifies a key subject: trust.

In a reversal of supply-and-demand, the public is watching and waiting far more than they are clamoring. This waiting is driven by several perceived barriers, from safety (their perception of your level of safety is key) to economic; but a less obvious barrier stands out: motive. They are watching motives and judging whether a brand, an employer, a local government, etc. has their best interest at heart. Motive may tie into the other barriers, but this perspective means platitudes and assumptions won’t work on a consumer who is fundamentally changing right now before our eyes – and us before theirs.

The uncomfortable fact: Your audiences simply may not believe you. Transparency, empathy, and humanity go a long way in establishing that you are navigating this as they are – but bold, cold, monolithic approaches will be largely rejected. Your audiences need to feel that you can be trusted, and that you are putting their needs first.


– Dean Browell, PhD

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