Ethnographic Research

Feedback is the choice of many leading brands and agencies when they need unique, actionable customer insights they can’t get elsewhere.

Our HumanFilter research system employs seasoned data scientists to uncover key findings among target audiences that reveal truly actionable insights – the kind of insights that tell marketers why audiences engage in certain behaviors, how they communicate about a brand in different communities and what triggers their buying decisions – all within a competitive context. This research is compiled exclusively through digital channels and without audience engagement, thus preserving the authenticity of the data.

This service is available globally and in all major languages. Feedback clients receive a full research presentation with accompanying appendices that cite the sources for our work and digital marketing recommendations based upon our findings. The entire process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on the research question(s) asked, the number of brands involved and the number of geographies/languages. And Feedback’s Data Scientists are hand-picked from the top graduates in Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology – so we never miss that Human connection.

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