Message Testing

We have developed very effective ways to optimize the efficacy of advertising and communications programs before deployment.

We do this by testing and measuring imagery, messaging, calls-to-action and audience reactions in social media channels using any number of criteria. In fact, when combined with our ethnographic research, our message testing has resulted in campaigns that deliver customer engagement rates up to 50 times greater than industry averages and has cut customer acquisition rates by 84%.

Want to know what a 24-year-old grad student from Manchester, UK, prefers to see and read when making a purchasing decision on his mobile device while vacationing in southern France? Or curious about what criteria a health-conscious, middle-aged mother in a particular U.S. target market finds most compelling when deciding which products to buy? We can tell you.

This service is available globally and in all major languages. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete when purchased separately, or within the standard 4-6 week time frame when purchased with our digital ethnographic research.