The Vision Council and Feedback

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A round of applause for: The Vision Council!



2019 marks the tenth anniversary of Feedback and to celebrate we will be sharing memories from the last ten years. From multiple-cross-country trips to multi-country ones, from Keyboard Cat to Bonnaroo, and from three determined founders to a family of friends and colleagues all over… we’ve been incredibly lucky to have had such an amazing first ten years!

“That time I starred in a fun video series about the importance of wearing readers… (And it got picked up by AARP, reaching millions!) What makes The Vision Council special is the team – the people we work with are the best! Attending and documenting the Vision Expo tradeshows, the complete event for eye care professionals, was such a rewarding experience. Seeing the most fashion forward and innovative eyewear brands on display was very cool.”

– Anna Faux

“TVC is another client we’ve been grateful to work with for almost the entire life of our company. Associations are already a special kind of client, and TVC has so many fascinating elements with the optical industry that it makes for a really interesting variety of work. They really appreciate our nerdy advice and thorough research – and we’ve been a part of so many cool initiatives it’s honestly hard to keep track (but it’s a safe bet that the Bureau of Missing Sunglasses is a favorite).”

– Dean Browell


“The Vision Council is such a rewarding client because of the great work they do within the optical industry. Every year is an exciting opportunity to build on work we do with their team to spread the word about the importance of eye health for everyone, everywhere.”

– Brittany Heare



“So nice to work with The Vision Council, and the special people there. Great to see their success, and happy to work with them in so many different ways. The ‘Bureau of Missing Sunglasses’ initiative still puts a smile on my face!”

– Jeff Thompson




Continue to watch this space as we celebrate all year long!