Themes in Pandemic Insights

January 14, 2021, by , in Uncategorized, no comments

Continuing to share insights from our work using social listening in healthcare during the pandemic, some developments from the last couple of weeks worth noting:

  • Sentiment around the vaccine varies wildly and we’re entering a new period of frustration
  • Mental health continues to be a hot topic with renewed pressure on local health systems they feel should be doing more (content, services, etc.)- Employee sentiment continues to be vibrant as vaccination pride, anger at rollout, and navigation of public visibility around restrictions collide
  • Not every state is reacting the same to vaccine rollout, healthcare brands, news of new restrictions, or higher COVID impacts; “Geography is fate” has always driven our work but this is some of the starkest differences we’ve ever seen
  • Just as we saw in May of last year: nuances regarding kinds of care various populations see as safe from blood pressure checkups to eye appointments

These are just scratching the surface of what we’ve found – and not just relegated to healthcare. More as we see it. (And if you’re curious about any one element or have a question, just message us!)