What Happens When You Assume and Hire: Common Misconceptions In Social Media Job Descriptions

March 8, 2016, by , in Blog, no comments

A wise man once said, “You know what happens when you ASSUME…?” And we certainly agree with the premise of that mantra. Everyday we…

The Top Behaviors You Absolutely Have to Pay Attention To In 2016

December 28, 2015, by , in Blog, no comments

Instead of looking ahead at what will be through the usual lens of predicting hot items or following release dates of apps and tech,…

Thoughts On Facebook’s Professional Services

December 15, 2015, by , in Blog, no comments

Facebook’s new, “professional services” search is likely not the game-changer many are making it out to be – but it’s more because the hype…

Millennials Changing Things Up

November 30, 2015, by , in Blog, no comments

Millennials are changing things up. In a big way. And they will continue to change the purchasing patterns for years to come. So it’s…

Passive Identity: From AOL Away Messages to Instagram

October 27, 2015, by , in Blog, no comments

Picture it: College or High School, 1997…AOL Instant Messenger. Relationships were won or lost based on what Cure lyric was carefully chosen to appear…

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