VCU and Feedback

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A round of applause for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)!

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of Feedback and to celebrate we will be sharing memories from the last ten years. From multiple-cross-country trips to multi-country ones, from Keyboard Cat to Bonnaroo, and from three determined founders to a family of friends and colleagues all over… we’ve been incredibly lucky to have had such an amazing first ten years! 


“The last ten years have had us inextricably tied to VCU and the next ten look to have us even more woven in. Each semester we have regular invitations as a guest speaker to research, business, strategy, and public relations classes on the undergraduate and graduate level. Feedback and our clients have been able to take advantage of the International Consulting Program and the great student groups multiple times. For years we helped not just create, but sometimes return to judge an assignment through Brandcenter. In 2018 business students at VCU were the first to utilize case studies I wrote in their classes, emphasizing the importance of listening to consumer behavior. 

While I’ve been lucky to work with many teachers at VCU (Hi, Pam, Diana, Jeff, and Paul!) in particular I need to thank Katie Gilstrap and Caley Cantrell for being such incredible beacons for consumer voices in their teaching, and letting me be a part of that chorus with real-world applications and examples.

And I can’t celebrate VCU and Feedback’s work together without pointing out that we have had over two dozen interns from VCU as well in the last ten years (some bachelor and some master’s level – from School of Psychology, Anthropology, Business, and the Brand Center) with some of our best folks hired from that program!”

– Dean Browell


“Interns are a great asset to our team at Feedback. As a part of the program screening candidates and training, I’ve gotten to meet some very talented students across the years, some of which have turned into some of our star researchers! In addition, working with students through the VCU School of Business allows us an awesome opportunity to get fresh eyes on client challenges and collaborate on new ways to address them.”

– Brittany Heare 


More VCU: we’re also lucky to have VCU students at our Dent: Blend Richmond events – and this year we have an attendee from last year, Sarah Mekonnen, who will present a special photography exhibit! Check out Dent:Blend Richmond on September 20th, 2019 – limited tickets still available!




Continue to watch this space as we celebrate all year long!